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Ceramic Coating

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At The Barber Shop, we offer professional-grade ceramic coating application, providing long lasting protection to your vehicls exterior. The ceramic coating is your first line of defense from the elements and harsh chemicals used on the roads. Not only does it help to protect your vehicle’s paint, but it also adds gloss and clarity to it as well as making it extremely easy to keep clean.

What Are Ceramic Coatings?

A ceramic coating is a semi-permanent liquid polymer that is applied to the exterior of your vehicle to protect against external paint damage. Applied in liquid form, it then cures to form a hard layer over your vehicle’s paint to create an additional hydrophobic layer of protection. Ceramic coatings are an alternative to waxing. They prevent dirt, grime, and stain marks from appearing on the paint job and ruining the clear coat.

Ceramic Coating Benefits

Besides having a vehicle that looks brand new for a longer amount of time, a ceramic coating also offers many other benefits too. Your vehicle will be better protected from the elements such as sun, dirt, mud, resulting in easier cleaning.

Shiny Gloss Finish

Protect From UV Rays, Weather Erosion, Acid Rain, Bird Droppings, Tree Sap

No Need For Waxing

Cost Effective - Less Maintenance Required

Hydrophobic - Repels Water

Keep Vehicle Cleaner For Longer

Paint Correction

Paint correction refers to the process of removing swirl marks, imperfections, and light scratches from the paint finish of a vehicle. The paint finish is restored to a better-than-new state.

If your vehicle is looking a little lackluster or you’re noticing marks that impact its overall look, consider a paint correction service. We’ll help get your car looking bright, shiny, and new again!

This process is often a necessary step before applying a ceramic coating. Paint correction is also offered as a standalone service. Contact us today for more information!

Ceramic Coating Packages


Professional grade ceramic coating with single stage paint correction

New Car Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film with our porfessional grade ceramic coating

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